A Glamorous Black Tie Arizona Wedding

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Are you feeling anxious about your wedding plans? Look what a wedding beauty comes from fifteen years together. Elegant and inspired, this black tie wedding in Arizona took a long time to come true and the results are absolutely magnificent.

First, the Favorites from high school, then the parents and finally a married couple. The beautiful love story of Meagan and Alex excited us from the very beginning. And with a lot of time to dream of a wedding, the place, the Design and the seller seem to match perfectly in the images of Saje Photography.

When the bride Meghan talks about her wedding design, she admits: “Although I like a trend as much as the next girl, I wanted it to stand the test of time too…”Cut from the same fabric, we completely agree. We see so many free-spirited boho desert weddings that we absolutely love. But it is just as exciting to see our couples directing their wedding aesthetics in another direction. Similar to that eye-catching Palm Springs wedding with black and white details, Meagan and Alex compared the rugged views of the Arizona mountains to clean lines, black details and timeless elegance.

Our Love Story

We met in high school. The first time we officially hung out was at our school’s Valentine’s Day dance. Three years after, in 2010, we welcomed a daughter together and we focused on raising her. She is now 12 years old and it was so much fun to have her there to attend our big day and play such a great role (bridesmaid!). Alex proposed a fly fishing trip in the waters of Horseshoe Bend.


I (Meagan) tried to plan the wedding myself without a planner. I was halfway there when I realized that I was overwhelmed and that I needed professional help. I’ve been researching various wedding planning companies here in Arizona and came across Revel Wedding Co.looking at their previous work, I could see that they had worked on similar wedding styles for which I had the Vision. Once we had them on board, they really helped tie everything together.

“Clean, black and white” was our Vision from the beginning. I wanted a touch of glamour, but also to remain classic and timeless. I love a trend as much as the next girl, but I wanted it to stand the test of time too. The mirrored elements were what I wanted to bring to accentuate the Glamor of everything, without adding extra glitter or colors. I had stored photos for days with different elements that I wanted to merge to achieve the desired effect. Now, looking back, I could take pictures of our wedding and add them to the Mood board I did before the wedding, and they would fit perfectly.


The first thing we booked was the venue. Funny enough, that’s the only thing we watched too. The Mountain Shadows Resort is located on Camelback Mountain, which means that the ceremony venue offers the most beautiful mountain view. The resort itself is very well designed with a large Restaurant with beautiful furniture. From the moment the guests arrive, it has a Wow factor, an almost mid-century modern feel without having to add anything.

Favorite moments

My favorite moment was to make a wish for each other. We all wrote ours and it was such a special Moment that came from the heart not only for us, but also for our guests. A lot of tears were flowing in the audience. Which was a goal at the end of the day. We wanted everyone to feel The love and emotions of the day!

Special Details

Our Duo Details seat plan is another fun element that incorporates our engagement story and also the aesthetics of clean lines, modern vibes and black and white tones! It consisted of three acrylic columns with the names of all our guests and the phrase “my biggest catch” with a small hook to remind how we got engaged during a fly fishing trip. It was quite big and I think visually it had a big impact.

Photography And Videography

We chose our photographer Samantha from Saje Photography for her beautiful artistic aesthetic. Oddly enough, our daughter and her son have been going to school together since kindergarten. We saw each other at school events and she told me that she was a wedding photographer. I really didn’t think much about it until one day I came across his work on Instagram and I was flat out. Beautiful aesthetic and creamy colors, everything we were looking for and more.

Our videographer, Ryan Noel Films, also had that beautiful creamy and shiny color aesthetic that we were looking for. During the consultation, their personalities really consolidated the choice. They were bubbly and happy, really passionate about their job and exactly the kind of people they would like to have on their team on their wedding day.

Tips for other couples

Make sure you put together a team of people you really trust and can appreciate for your big day. You don’t really have control over how things happen on the actual day, so you have the vulnerability to trust how everything has been planned and configured. Our day coordinator was a rock star and had the freshest, calmest energy that I think helped us to be the same.

I absolutely recommend all our sellers! We had no problems with any of them and I really felt like they had our best interests at heart and really cared!

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