Magical Blue Tiled Palace Wedding In Portugal

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Magical. This is the word that the bride Lauren uses to describe her marriage. And really, what other word could you use to illustrate a day that takes place in such a beautiful Portuguese palace?

Lauren and Michael chose Portugal for their wedding because it offered the perfect wedding venue: a historic palace with sapphire tiles, equipped for a dreamy European affair. Each of the photos of the couple by Jesus Caballero at the Palacio dos Marqueses da Fronteira is breathtaking: the ceremony in the courtyard, the portraits wandering through historical motifs, the sapphire tiles and the opulent statues that filled the reception area.

We could talk over and over again about every beautiful detail on this wedding day, but you will definitely see everything in the photos. Apart from the beauty, we appreciate some of the wise advice of the bride Lauren for the budgeting of the wedding. “Ask a friend who has already planned a wedding,” she says, and that’s a good point! If you have a recently married friend, he will be able to talk about all the surprising expenses accumulated in his planning, and about all the opportunities that he may have saved.


Choosing the right photographer was so important to capture our day. After scouring several online wallets and Instagram hashtags, I came across one of the photos of Jesus that just blew me away. The way he captured the lighting and the feeling in this picture let me know that he was our photographer.

Destination & Location

When people ask about our wedding, we always describe it in one word: magical. Lauren has always wanted something different and Portugal provided the perfect location for a historic European palace. The private palace, the sapphire tiles and the gardens formed the perfect wedding decor.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and perfect 28 degrees. There was this area next to the palace, where the ceremony was held with traditional cobblestones and a beautiful flower structure, while the bride’s brother led the wedding. We chose a gold decor to complement the rich sapphire and gardens of the place. The flowers were variations of rose because it is Lauren’s favorite color.

Favorite moments

Our wedding was “so us” because it was so casual and fun, which describes our two personalities. Our favorite moments were the first look at the castle library, exploring the castle and spending time with our family and close friends.

The Seller And The Reception

We chose Lisbon Wedding Planner because they offer a variety of venues and had the best vendors. But the best option they provided was Portuguese egg cake instead of a traditional cake.

After the ceremony, appetizers and drinks were served, especially the sangria was a hit. There was a four-course dinner for dinner, which was awesome. Drinks and dancing followed, and everyone had a great time!

Tips for other couples

We used the wedding thread and it helped so much with checklists and guest list. It kept us on the right track and made us think about things we would not have known. We also highly recommend Etsy. You have so many unique options and it’s a great way to support local providers! Let the bride always have the last word!

Budget tips: talk to a friend who has already planned a wedding! It is so useful if you can tell them what to expect in terms of price and what they could have done without you. Nothing goes depending on your budget and things happen, so add extra expenses just in matter!

Day of consultation: just enjoy the process and try not to stress yourself! No one knows if something is not going as planned, so join us!

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