A Former Colts Reporter Marries An NFL Coach

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Classic, timeless and with an adorable Meet-Cute. If you are looking for a little romantic story today, you will love this love story that started on a football field…

Bride Caroline reported for the Indianapolis Colts and heard from her future husband – a member of the Colts coaching staff-before she even saw him. Since she was trapped in the Midwest herself, it was Park’s adorable Mississippi accent that caught her ear.

An adorable love story after (which you can read below) when it was time to say “yes”, it was just appropriate that the head coach of Colt France officiate their wedding.

Semi-sweet reunion aside, your wedding is catnip for lovers of timeless romance. The couple took place at the family residence in Parks, Mississippi, and achieved the most upscale backyard wedding we can remember.

The place and The Establishment

Parks and I both wanted a devoted wedding experience just with our closest families and friends. We wanted every detail to count. So, we did exactly that!

The first big piece of the puzzle was our place and for that we had to be the groom’s parents. The Frazier family home in Corinth, Mississippi, offered the beautiful, romantic and devoted garden feel we wanted for our wedding. Not to mention that we loved the idea of a “Backyard wedding”.

The rest simply planned around their already impeccable backyard. We kept the decorations to a minimum so as not to spoil the surrounding gardens and the pool, but to get the overly romantic garden feeling we wanted, we treated the flowers! Our full floral altar provided the perfect setting for our vows and the shades of red and pink from the bow continued throughout the courtyard.

Dresses And Clothes

To continue with the wedding theme, I needed the help of my bridesmaids. I knew I didn’t want my daughters to wear bridesmaid dresses with cookie cutters on our big day. So I asked them to wear a color family with different clothing styles and textures to complement the garden theme – and that’s exactly what they did! At a big wedding party, I knew that her personality and style would show in her clothes, and the collection of all the different colors helped to make our night even more coherent without matching too much.

As for the groomsmen, we simply asked them to wear a navy suit that they already owned without a tie (for which they were grateful in the Mississippi heat at the end of June). Parks wore a custom-made three-piece suit with a white tie to stand out from the rest. We loved seeing everyone’s own style!

Local vendors

For our suppliers, it was important for us to keep all suppliers in the hometown of the parks. Our cake, caterer, florist, harpist, soloist and renter were all based in northeast Mississippi. All the plans and decisions that led up to our big day really came together and made our devoted garden wedding a reality.

Special Detail

When Parks and I were friends, I told her about how her husband, when a friend of mine got married, had given her a diary that he had started in kindergarten and which was addressed to his “future wife”. I told her that I could not imagine a more romantic and deliberate gesture from a husband as a wedding gift. Unbeknownst to me, because of this story, he started his own diary for his future wife.

The first entry is actually: “A friend of mine told me about … says “fast forward about six months and we start dating. Then fast forward another half year and the “dear future wife” started reading “dear Caroline”.

On our wedding day, Parks gives me the newspaper that a friend told him about… he gave me his future wife’s diary! To say that I was shocked and in tears would be an understatement! I wrote in the diary Until it was suspended and it sits on my bedside table to this day.

Tips for other couples

There are thousands of providers, websites, registries and opinions that you can adhere to throughout your planning process, but at the end of the day, it’s all about your wishes to each other. Getting married during a pandemic quickly made things difficult and I realized that if we had to cancel vendors or not have a guest, we would do it as long as we became husband and wife on June 27, 2020. All you need is your pastor, your fiancé and yourself. If you remember what the wedding day is really like, all the Extras will be much more stressful to plan! Enjoy this season of life, it goes by so fast!


Our ceremony started in the evening, followed by a cocktail lesson, while Parks and I finished with photos and a family-style dinner. After cutting cakes and Toast, the party continued into the night under the market lights and a black and white checkered dance floor. We fled in the Mercedes Convertible of the Groom’s Father, decorated by the wedding parties.


We went to unico in Rivera Maya. It was a beautiful, devoted all-inclusive resort that was the perfect conclusion to our wedding party. We recommend that you travel to Unico!

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