Mid century Modern Palm Springs Elopement

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I will never stop saying: Palm Springs is one of my favorite wedding destinations.

The soft colors and flora of the desert. Epic sunsets and sun guaranteed. Elegant mid-century private rentals or Spanish hacienda-style places. Latin-inspired cuisine and lots of wedding vendors. We’ve written the guide on how to plan your Palm Springs wedding, and we’re always excited to see our real couples’ weddings in action!

This real recent times is exactly what we love about Palm Springs. Escaping to the desert for private “I do ” could not be easier with the abundance of private house rentals suitable for any elegant celebration.

Elizabeth and Ethan chose a classic Palm Springs home with a mid-century style, cacti and date palms, views of the San Jacinto Mountains and a lush courtyard pool. Thanks to all this, no decor was needed for this cool getaway in Palm Springs, which gave our couple all the opportunities to relax and enjoy their wedding. How we love it!


We had originally planned to host a ceremony with friends and family at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Due to the pandemic, we had to change our plans several times. 2020 was such a strange year and we really wanted to get married to end it with something positive and finally formalize our commitment to each other. We decided to dispose of our original shots and run away with only our photographer and officer.

The ceremony was so personal and we decided to forgo the decoration so as not to harm the environment, which we found so beautiful. We ordered a cake at one of our favorite bakeries, Ovenly in Brooklyn, New York (where we live), and Ethan cooked a great dinner. It was completely different from what we had originally planned, but we were really satisfied with the course of the day.


It was important for us to find a photographer who captured moments that looked natural and did not force us to pose awkwardly. None of us like to be photographed, so we also wanted someone with whom we would feel comfortable. We really liked Jasmine’s work and she looked really funny. She had a good idea of our style and helped us choose a great place for photos, which turned out to be great.

What Made Our Marriage So “We ”

Although it wasn’t what we had originally planned, it was good that it was just the two of us. We didn’t have to play for anyone and we could relax and be ourselves with each other. The day was much more relaxed and less stressful than if we had been waiting for a ceremony with guests. Although we were outside and socially distant, everyone was wearing masks. It was so exciting to take off our masks and peck for the first time as a married couple.

Tips For other couples

There are many traditions surrounding weddings, and it can be easy to feel obligated to do everything in a traditional way, but it’s important to make decisions that are right for you and your partner. It is not an obligation to wear a traditional wedding dress or to invite all the people you know. While this is an important moment, it will probably make for a better day if you don’t get out of your comfort zone too much.


We already had to travel for our wedding, so we stayed in Palm Springs for another two weeks. Planning a trip during the pandemic was stressful, so we wanted to make sure that the trip was quite long. It was nice to be able to relax and spend time together in one of our favorite places.

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