Bohemian Wedding On A Tiny Brazilian Island

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Anyone fancy some sunny weather on the beach? Maybe you are dreaming of your own small private island off the coast of Brazil? Maybe in a bohemian dress for a night of endless dancing? You know where I’m going with this, welcome to Lorena and Alisson’s epic Brazilian wedding.

I have a weakness for dramatic performances (have you read my biography? “love the horse or camel entry”) and today’s real wedding surpasses any wild wedding entry I have imagined in the past. Lorena and Alisson’s wedding guests were taken by boat (actually a pretty gorgeous boat) to a small island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro to wait for their gorgeous bride.

Then Lorena jumps into her own little boat to sail the seas to her friend. Lorena’s arrival, dressed in a bohemian Flayza Vieira Couture dress, is one of the most fabulous and filmy entries (thanks to the Val + Wander photographers) that we could ever hope to let you continue with the photos. Enjoy…

The Wedding Vibes

We decided everything together, except our clothes, we left this surprise to us. I think it is important that the couple participates in everything so that the wedding is really lived by two and represents the couple.

We wanted a personal ceremony, not a classic celebration, with the wedding on the beach. We wanted an exciting and happy marriage, a real marriage that expressed our truth, which is very much ours. There was no exuberance or grandeur, but for that, it was no less beautiful. We did what we wanted – it was a dream.

Favorite moments

At the moment when Alisson was sitting at the piano and playing a song he had made for me, I almost died!

Another Moment was when Alisson appeared at the party and took the Tone of the day he asked me to marry him. I knew he had recorded it, but I didn’t know what was on the sound, because he asked me to leave the hospital room and talked to my father for a long time. Remembering that it was the last day of my father’s life was a matter of God.

Tips for other couples

Enjoy every second of the wedding planning, it also belongs to this special period. Hire professionals with whom you can relate and empathize. Know that the work is exhausting for all professionals, and if they give you the best of themselves, trust them, they have already had many weddings before you. Organize with time and with rest, time passes very quickly.

Most importantly, enjoy the wedding: dance a lot, laugh a lot, make it unforgettable.

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