Rustic Romantic Cinco De Mayo Ranch Wedding

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Thanks to Claire’s own Baja wedding celebration, today we will pamper you with a Cinco de Mayo wedding, celebrated on the most rustic and romantic ranch in the Southwest.

Kenny and Nancy’s history and marriage ooze with romance-Their proposal was inspired by Sleepless in Seattle (pulling on my delicate ropes to the northwest Kenny! and their wedding at the ranch was full of deep reds, roses and wild amounts of joy, photographed by light and love with so much emotion.

Favorite details of this always so romantic day? On the one hand, the beautiful and large bare cake was inspired by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s wedding cake (we are also possess, Nancy!) Your wedding altar, designed by the groom, not only fit into the rustic room, but found a place in your newlyweds’ house – such a fabulous idea! And finally, since both are of Mexican descent and happen to get married in Cinco de Mayo, the couple decided to splurge with a group of mariachi – maybe we are soul mates!

The dress and the outfit

Nancy spent a lot of time with her friends and family trying to find the right dress at the right price. She finally went out alone and found this one! Her bridesmaids got together and gave Nancy her beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes.

I was a fan of the tailored suits from the Stitched brand and knew that I would be happy on my big day.

The style of planning and wedding

I did research on wedding planners while I was abroad and arranged a meeting on one of my trips home. We met with Desi and immediately knew that we will be well looked after and will be in the hands of an experienced professional!

Nancy and I knew we wanted to do something non-Vegas-themed for our day. We wanted our guests to feel comfortable and feel like they were in a special place in Las Vegas. We knew we had to have good food and enjoyment. Nancy had a very good idea of the colors and the general atmosphere of the event. As soon as we found the place, all our ideas for the topic came together. We were lucky to put everything together better than we expected!

Important dates

We just wanted our friends and family to feel comfortable and enjoy the day with us. We focused on great food, great live music and a great team to capture the day on film. Having a videographer was a good choice and was worth every penny! Since Nancy and I are both of Mexican descent and happened to get married on May 5th, we talked around with a three-piece Mariachi band to perform during dinner. It was a chic trio that played wonderfully!

Favorite moments

The best part of the day was all the little moments where Nancy and I could watch each other while we enjoyed those special moments we had planned! The speech of the Legion of Honor was at the height of the highlights.

Personal Data

We were able to add some personal touch by putting together each location map. Nancy wrote the names of the guests and I wrote the table numbers. I was also able to make the ark under which we got married. We kept the space of the ark as a souvenir to integrate into the structure of our house one day. Another unique personal touch was added by the creation of the ring holder and the ring holder insert.


Nancy LOVES cake! Fortunately, our good friend and my colleague, who is a brilliant pastry chef, were able to recreate a beautiful rustic carrot cake inspired by Chrissy Teigen’s wedding cake, of which Nancy found a photo.

Tips For other couples

It’s about both of you. Do it the way you want! Hire a planner and videographer. You need the support and guidance of a real professional and you want to document the special day to see all the things you missed and be able to repeat the day if it passes faster than you think!

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