High School Sweethearts Airy Belgian Wedding

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Oh, we live for a good love story coupled with great wedding photos, don’t we?! These two Belgian high school students have made the link for life after thirteen years and oh, the romance overflows through the bright and airy photos of Elisabeth Van Lent.

In a beautiful garden landscape, Stefanie & Ayo organized an devoted day to celebrate their lasting love story. White roses, green accents, long candles and blushing details fill the scene that corresponds to the bride’s Standard: perfection. Not only was the couple’s Stories by Mabel stylist so intuitive with all her design desires, but she also organized a ceremony so worthy of high school sweethearts that the guests thought she was a friend of the bride and groom.

Some of our favorite details to find on this breathtaking day include the bride’s own calligraphy splashed on signs, invitations, name cards and more. Working with her dream wedding planner, she was able to take responsibility and create exactly what she wanted, and we couldn’t be more impressed!


We chose Mabel’s stories to lead our ceremony. On our wedding day, we were exactly thirteen years old as a couple. When we were together for so long, we had so many stories that made us ourselves. A standard ceremony wouldn’t be enough, that was for sure. We wanted to make sure that our story about who we are as a couple and as individuals is told in the right way, and no one in the world is better than Lieke. As soon as I met her, I knew that she would be perfect for us. Lieke dives completely into your story. After the ceremony, many asked us if Lieke was a friend, because she was in our story.

The Style & Decor

Stories by Mabel was not only our Celebrant, but also our stylist. I’m a perfectionist, everything had to be perfect, but I didn’t want to do everything by myself. Lieke didn’t need words to fully understand what I wanted.

I was looking for something unique for our Save the Date and our invitations, but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. So I bought a calligraphy pen and worked through the invitations, greeting brochures, name cards, welcome signs, etc. It was an awesome experience to put everything together with Lieke.

In retrospect, we only worked with people who had a huge passion for their work, and this could be felt and seen all day long.


Ger Savelkoul took care of the Live music, which he did wonderful, especially because we gave him Nigerian songs (from Ayo’s country of birth) and he played them on his piano as he had already played them a hundred times. The combination of his music and Lieke’s words made the ceremony the most wonderful moment of our wedding anniversary.

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