A Chic Arizona Wedding By Morgan McCanne

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This is not your ordinary wedding in the rustic Boho desert. No, we are happy to show you another aspect of Southwest weddings. Here are the glamorous options for weddings in Arizona…

This Arizona love story, which takes place in the same place, is filmed by Morgan McCanne Photo in a magnificent film style and defies the stereotypes of Southwestern weddings. Dressed in a luxurious wedding dress and black tie, Amanda & Mathieu’s ceremony and reception in the cactus-filled deserts east of Phoenix prove that any place can be a blank canvas for your own wedding style. In fact, we would even say worthy of a good Fashionable broadcast.

We could not mention the “V-Word” without discussing the style of the bride and the wedding. Amanda made her vows in a transparent and sparkling dress that will suit all Haute Couture princesses. after, she transformed into an even more sparkling sparkle with her Kimono-sleeved reception dress. We vibrate for Amanda’s style. We told you that shoulder pads will be all the rage in 2020, and we love to see them on our hottest real wives.


“We loved working with Morgan as a photographer for our wedding in October 2020! We went with her because we liked her aesthetic with grumpy tones, which was perfect for the backdrop of the desert in Arizona that we chose to celebrate our big day.

As a bride and groom, photos are the most important piece of your day, because they are what you look back on to remember everything, and Morgan goes above and beyond her job to provide stunning images. She made every photo fun for us, and she went out of her way to get the perfect photo – even peaking behind the cacti and standing over the thorny bushes to get it right. She was by our side all night and was also walking away. I didn’t have to check where she was. She was always ready to run away whenever we wanted a group shot or an honest one. She is really awesome at her job and made us feel like we might end up on the cover of Vogue-this is a direct comment from one of our dear friends! She’s worth every penny!”

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Based in San Diego, California, Morgan McCanne photo travels a lot to photograph your dream wedding day. Look at your wedding work, read enthusiastic testimonials and learn how to book your wedding photos on their website.

“Your love is unique, and I want my photographs to show that love can be represented by images, not just words.”- Morgan McCanne

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This article was created in collaboration with Morgan McCanne Photo.

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