A Glamorous Texas Wedding With Military Style

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So many weddings already make me cry – stories of the proposal, the Moment when they see each other in the Aisle, moments of parents and grandparents – I already have enough tears in my eyes, as is the matter with all your beautiful wedding stories!

Now I have to deal with the weekend emotions of this heartwarming story of two childhood friends. With the help of their beloved family and friends, Hebron & Nebyou have won a dream gift that turns into their glamorous Texan winter wedding in military style.

It’s just that I’m making you cry with me, okay?

Hebron and Nebyou emigrated from Ethiopia to the same small community in Kansas. After years of unsuccessful attempts to woo Hebron, Nebyou went to West Point to improve himself and become what he is today. And in the real Rom-Com way, this love story doesn’t end there…

The Wedding Gift

Our wedding story begins with the fact that thanks to a common acquaintance, we learned about the military wedding gift made of Ivory oak. We sent our favorite photo of ourselves, and a 500-word explanation of why we should be chosen, and then we knew that we were confronted for the gift as one of the top three couples. We worked with our friends, families, and communities to get all the votes we could to win this beautiful wedding in Wimberly, TX. We realized how important our support system really was when we were told that we had won!


Nebyou was based at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas and it was wonderful to have our dream wedding in Texas because we wanted a winter wedding to accommodate our busy schedule. The December weather in Texas in this beautiful place was everything we could have wished for.

One of the best parts of this experience was the vendors who came with the gift – from wedding planning tips by Elaine and Lee to pallet design to 36th Street events and everything else came together wonderfully thanks to the team we had. The combination of large white Californian poppies, marine shades and marigolds, matched with army uniforms (ASU) and bridesmaid dresses– it was beyond anything we could have imagined. We can’t forget the Texas BBQ at the reception – it was *the chef’s peck*.


We can’t say enough about the great team we had to capture our day. Angela Lally Photography and ML Photo & Film offered us something that we will cherish forever. They made sure to focus on capturing our most authentic moments and making them shine.

Not only did Nebyou and I feel very comfortable in this team, but so did our families – some of them flew around the world to share this Moment with us. With the schedules we had before the wedding, we appreciated Angela’s patience and flexibility and during the day, these two salespeople worked to the rhythm to ensure that he was beautifully welcomed.

Tips for other couples

Three Recommendations:

1. Postable is an awesome website (also free) that allows you to collect all the addresses and contact information for your guests, get it early and make sure it is updated between hours, and wedding invitations are a must.

2. We went back and forth to offer Transportation to our guests, but we decided to do it and it was the best step we could have done, we used LuxLimo and we loved the experience and our guests too!

3. Kleinfeld hotel blocks to help you identify and block hotel blocks, this was one of the best things we came across because as hosts of out-of-town weddings, we needed all the experience we could use to make the best decision to accommodate our guests.

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